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Flat slab bridge

Anyone who has crossed the Dutch polder landscape probably knows what a flat slab bridge is without realising it. This type of bridge represents the easiest way to get from one side of the ditch to the other: a flat slab connecting both banks.

No ribs, no edge girders, no railing not even any abutment piers. This bridge consists of a concrete slab that is laid across a farm ditch in one go and is therefore immediately ready for use. A one hundred percent prefabricated bridge made from a single piece, easy to make and with a short construction time. It can be built with a fender to prevent it being affected by water. Private individuals in particular choose this option.

The flat slab bridge is usually used for so-called plot entrances. Consider here agricultural uses or a drive next to the house. Because of the limited vehicle load and the small span this type of bridge is not used on through-traffic routes.

Waco has produced and delivered countless flat slab bridges, always custom made, therefore with variable dimensions. Now that a mould is available, the production runs more efficiently.
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